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Guaranteed quality
of your self adhesive labels

Since almost 50 years our family business Label Pak Int’l has extended its machinery in Wavre in order to produce printed labels of the highest quality. Thanks to these state of the art presses and our knowhow and technical skills, we will fulfill your label needs.

High performance machines for different printing techniques

We have high technology machines which are continuously updated to the latest specs, in order to be able to fulfill the new(est demands. Thanks to these presses we can print one or more colours on the glue, print on the support paper but we can also neutralize partially or completely) the glue for specific applications. We can also print Braille code. Disciver our diffrerent personalized labels on the page dedicated to our Products.

Depending on your wish and on the use of your label we can offer :

  • Flexo-UV high quality pinting
  • Digital printing
  • Screen Printing

Shared quality

Label-Pak is an experienced self adhesive label printing company since 1968. We are a member of the international Concordia Label group, which implements the latest print technology. This group of European label manufacturers  exchanges experiences, knowhow and good practices with each other, so that a full customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do you have a question ?

Would you like to know more about the print quality of your self adhesive label ? Please send us your request. We are at your disposal every weekday in Bièrges, not far from Wavre. We take care of the delivery ourselves. Don’t hesitate and contact us.